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Short Term Missionary


This program is a 12 month commitment to serve as an NCEM intern missionary. You will experience the challenges of building a financial and prayer support team as you prepare to come. Accommodations will be provided for you at Arrowhead for the 12 months and you will be responsible to work with the local missionaries in various capacities as you experience the aspects of ministry at Arrowhead.



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Summer Student Internships


There are 3 options for short term student internships.  Program Director, Activities Coordinator, and LIT Coordinator. Each one is an eight week obligation, arriving in late June and leaving mid August. The three interns take part in camp preparation and brochure distribution week, summer camps, camp out preparation and then serve as leaders for the camp out programs.

LIT (Leaders In Training) Co-ordinator
Serves as a cabin leader during teen camp and then works with a group of teens (4-6 campers) for the remainder of the summer. These teens will be invited on the camping trip.

Program Co-ordintaor
Serves to keep the program moving and active, motivates the kids and makes it exciting, facilitates chapels, cabin clean-up and meals

Activities Co-ordintaor
Organizes and facilitates sports, games and activities throughout the day; works closely with the program co-ordinator.

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Summer and Work Volunteers

Volunteering at Arrowhead for one of our summer camp programs (or as part of the work team) is an exceptionally rewarding way to spend your summer. To build into the lives of young people and having the opportunity to communicate with them the precious message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

It is only by the loving labour of volunteer work teams that we are able to maintain and improve the facilities and grounds of Arrowhead Native Bible Center. We are so very thankful for each team that has come and for the wonderful work they have done while they have been here.


Arrowhead operates exclusively on financial donations from churches, organizations and individuals who are excited about the work that is being done here to serve the First Nations people of Atlantic Canada. We are grateful for the financial support that we have been blessed to receive through the years. Our facility is 110 acres with 16 structures and requires approximately $5000 a month to function well. We currently average approximately $3000 a month in our general fund giving. If you would like to contribute financially to the work being done at Arrowhead click below.