Arrowhead Radio


It is our desire to see the Gospel go forth. Arrowhead Radio is our way of striving to make available answers to questions that people are asking. Questions about God’s Word, culture, truth, missions and doing the right thing.

Hope For The Nations

It is our desire that this podcast answer your questions about what is the Gospel, who is God and what does it mean to follow Jesus. Join our Hosts, Mark Dana and Venus Cote as they have conversations with First Nations believers about Faith and life.

Mission Of The Nations

In this program we will endeavour to answer questions that we often encounter as we interact with pastors and Christians. Questions that address culture, language, history and the redemptive power of God’s Word, and just why it is that missions matters.

Answers For The Nations

Apologetic in nature, this program will walk through difficult conversations as we look at current social and political events with a Biblical Worldview.