2024 Circle Summit

Early Church History Symposium



April 25-27 2024

We regret that the Early Church History Symposium that we had planned for April must be cancelled. Michael Haykin contacted us before Christmas and let us know that he is unable to participate due to illness in his immediate family. We will make announcement when we plan to schedule the next Circle Summit. Anyone who has registered and paid for their registration will be fully refunded.
Please join with us in praying for Michael and his family as they deal with these health issues.

Come Visit Us

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but to see it first hand is always better. Click below to contact and schedule a tour of our beautiful campground. Whether you are looking for a rental space, or curious parent we would love to have you come visit us and get the grand tour! 

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What Our Families are Saying

I was very blessed to experience ANBC before cellphones and other electronic devices. I learned to make smart choices in my life, I have found a way to speak to my creator. I made some amazing friends and long lasting memories “way down in the middle of the ocean” -Elle Michael

5 stars! Best experience I have ever had.
-Allyson Paul